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Medical Nutrition – Your Meals in the Fight Against Disease

In 2016, the nationwide educational campaign “Medical nutrition – Your meals in the fight against disease” began, which aimed to build awareness about the role of specialized nutrition during a disease, especially in oncology, and to educate on medical nutrition as an integral part of treatment. The first edition was dedicated to oncological diseases. The campaign was inaugurated by a documentary film by Oscar-nominated director Aneta Kopacz entitled “I”.


  • Educational campaign


  • Nutricia Medyczna


  • Second place in Medicine and Health category Złote Spinacze 2017 contest
  • Third Place in Media relations category in Złote Spinacze 2018 contest

The second edition, implemented in 2017, focused on education on the subject of medical nutrition in neurological diseases, a topic that has been previously overlooked by the media. The main communication challenge was to leave the specialist area and generate publications in places previously unavailable for medical campaigns. Our goal was to create an innovative creative concept that would allow us to convey messaging not only to patients and their relatives, but also to people at risk. The axis of the campaign was the radio broadcast “Figurski calls for reinforcements”, hosted by Michał Figurski, a journalist who suffered a stroke and used medical nutrition during his convalescence. From his personal perspective he spoke on nutritional problems and the impact of the disease on his life.

As part of the third edition of the campaign, we wanted to approach the topic from a completely new perspective. We decided that we would support not only the patient, but also his guardian. Caregivers are called “secretive patients” in psychology. They are facing a huge burden. They often give up work, social life and their passions to take care of the sick. It’s a huge sacrifice that deserves to be noticed and appreciated. That is why we organized the “Letter to the Guardian” campaign. Its purpose was to draw attention to the needs of carers of sick people and their huge role in the treatment process. The axis was the action encouraging to write symbolic letters of thanks to the caregivers. It began with a spot with the participation of real patients and their relatives who looked after them in illness, including one of the most recognized Polish actors – Jerzy Stuhr and his wife Barbara. As a result of the whole action and thanks to cooperation with patient organizations, we established the National Guardian Day. The holiday is an annual opportunity to reflect on the problems of guardians and express gratitude to them. The campaign has gained wide publicity in various types of media. Not only medical titles, but also general , news, lifestyle and even gossip titles. The campaign began a real process of changing the perception of caregivers in the minds of Poles.

In the 2019 edition, we continue education on the subject of medical nutrition, and also talk about people caring for sick relatives, their problems and needs. As part of the activities, we have created a special program “Heroes of everyday life”, consisting of recordings of three moving conversations with caregivers. They spoke about their experiences related to the challenges they experienced in the face of a loved one’s illness. The caregiver is always in the shadows. That is why this time the carers were given the spotlights to present their own perspective and tell about the role they had to play.