Our approach

Consumers are changing their approach towards brands. Brands are chosen through a process similar to that of choosing one’s friends – both sides must match. Since there is no singular way of creating a brand’s story, we put various methods, tools and communications channels to use to give each story its own unique character.

Industries we create stories for

E-commerce | Power industry | Finance | FMCG | Culture and art | Media and marketing | Automotive industry | NGO | New technologies | Fashion | Healthcare/ Pharmaceutics | Government organisations / Public administration | Industry | Retail | Real estate and construction market | Telecommunication | Transport and logistics | Tourism | Professional services


Technologies surround and fill our everyday life in both private and business spheres. As communication specialists, we are enthusiasts and users of technical innovations, as well as avid players. We specialize in communicating gaming tournaments, game developers and publishers, RTV device manufacturers, B2B and B2C service providers, and support equipment testing programs. We have contributed to the success of the largest players on the market and are working on the next ones. We combine technologies with people.


We create CSR strategies which consist of identifying the various social or environmental issues influenced by the company’s everyday activities. We then create a platform through which we can engage with the surrounding communities, and use it to attain our positive social and environmental targets.

CSR activities tailored to fit consumer needs give us a competitive edge and result in an increase in revenue whilst simultaneously improving the social and environmental conditions deemed important to the communities involved around the company.

Employer branding

Employee engagement is a major pillar in a company’s business activities. It’s an employees hard work and dedication that allows a company to reach its goals. Stories focused around a certain company’s employees have become a source for corporate conversations, often used to build up an employer’s image.

We help our clients achieve their business strategies by increasing employee engagement in the life of the company itself. We provide necessary support in the process of building and managing a company’s business image as an employer, allowing a company to keep its most valuable employees and attract the best talent available.

Anti-crisis communication

In an era of social media and emerging communities, even the smallest of issues can rapidly evolve into a crisis situation, which may in turn have a negative impact on a company’s most valuable asset – its reputation. For this reason, we specialize in preparing a comprehensive analysis of a company’s different areas of operations. These are used as a basis for creating elaborate detailed scenarios of a company’s potential threats.

As an end result, we’ll obtain extensive procedures – standards of conduct and communication – which will allow a company to minimize the possible negative outcomes and effects of a crisis situation.

Digital & social media

The trick is winning over the Internet. But how do you get noticed amongst the thousands of pieces of information, films and pictures published online each and every day? The solution lies in providing engaging content which precisely reaches a company’s target group.

We  create personalized strategies for a company’s presence on the Internet. We design and create websites for companies, campaigns, social services, auction systems, online stores, even mobile applications, in addition to providing the necessary tools used to analyze data and manage client databases online.

We help companies, brands and organizations make their presence known on the Internet. They gain new fans, build relations with them and even create communities with their most devoted ambassadors.

Corporate communication

A company’s reputation and image are amongst its most valuable corporate assets. They can often determine of a company’s success. We help organizations create their own unique market image, managing it effectively so that it may provide the company with a competitive edge on today’s dynamically changing market.

Reputation management is a long-term process which contributes to strengthening a company’s market position. Well aware of this fact, we carry out audits, prepare complex communications strategies, and help build and maintain good relations with a company’s surrounding communities.

We use our knowledge and considerable experience to manage and tend to the reputation of Polish and international companies in varying industries: ranging from FMCG through aviation, the financial market and public sectors. Each company has its own individual history, different business operations and a different target group which requires its own, unique storytelling.

Public affairs

In the present day, many decisions are made outside the quiet offices of ministers and governmental employees. Decisions are shaped, to a great extent, by – for example – grassroots initiatives and social media.

Each of our clients receives a comprehensive, tailor-made strategy  created to precisely match their needs, expectations and business possibilities. Our scope of operations includes, amongst others, lobbying, media relations and activities in electronic media. Their aim is to shape public opinion, attract attention to given problems, promote certain legal regulations ,as well as to build a company’s reputation and solve crisis situations.

High ethical standards form the basis for all of our activities. MSLGROUP has been entered into the register of company’s carrying out professional lobbying activities for Poland’s Ministry of the Interior and Administration. We strictly follow the Code of Conduct set by Poland’s Public Relations Consultancies Association.

Investor Relations

We offer a comprehensive range of services in the field of investor relations for companies which operate on capital markets, or plan activities related to having a presence on capital markets, aimed at the following selected target groups: fund managers, financial analysts, shareholders and financial media. Our offer includes the implementation of complex activity strategies for pre-IPO, IPO and post-IPO’s. We plan marketing activities to accompany debuts, suggest activities connected to building relations between firms, organizations and the stock exchange and trade media. We help our clients establish and maintain relations with investors.

Brand communication

We merge the business world together with public opinion in order to create a brand image that is expected by and attractive to consumers. An in-depth knowledge of current trends, the real-time mapping of emerging communities and a thorough understanding of today’s dynamic communications allow us to reach a clients particular target groups with a desired message. This leads to the creation of a long-term connection with consumers based on mutual understanding and trust.

With our help, a brand can become an inseparable element of its consumers’ world – a way through which consumers express themselves.

Communication in the healthcare system

Two very important factors for a pharmaceutical company are ethical business conduct and the quality of its offered product. In this particular industry, a company’s reputation is strongly linked with the firm’s activities. We assist our clients with effectively managing their business image and help them build strong relations with consumers, communities and other parties focused around them.

We help facilitate consumer access to healthcare, we work to increase a brand’s expert value and engage professionals to speak about given products. We fully support our clients and help them reach their targets.

Communication in the financial sector

We act as translators and mediators in the communication between the world of finance and today’s media and consumers. We specialize in consultancies regarding the management of external and internal communications, crisis management in the financial sector and systematic activities devoted to building a company’s presence in the media and on the Internet.

Our team has a vast experience in working with financial institutions. We perfectly understand the business activities of the enterprises for whose communication we are responsible for, and we possess the necessary skills to create stories and narratives in such a way, as to make them intelligible for all target groups.