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Death Stranding weather forecast

“Death Stranding weather forecast“ is the PR and digital campaign custom made for PlayStation. It’s aim was to launch a one of the most important game of 2019 – Death Stranding.
The Death Stranding game, the latest work of Hideo Kojima – legendary creator of games, was surrounded by an aura of mystery until its premiere.
We agreed that we had to focus on one characteristic element that gamers associate with the official materials that have been published so far. We decided that it would be the weather and, in fact, rain, which plays a very important role in the game’s world.
We opted for breaking the convention of the game’s previous, very serious communication, and decided to create a humorous weather forecast delivered by Tomasz Zubilewicz, who has been known for over 20 years for reporting on the weather in various, often extreme conditions.

The combination of a well-known personality in his natural environment with the unique atmosphere of Death Stranding proved to be a great success and turned out to be the bull’s eye, as the film gained record-breaking reach on social media channels and drew the attention of the most important industry and general information media.


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